A Guide To Living And Working In The UK

A Guide To Living And Working In The UK

The United Kingdom is a land of opportunity. With such a large diversified population and identified as one of the world’s top economies there is something for everyone. It’s made up of four nations that are immersed in tradition and culture each offers a unique experience for your new journey ahead. With so much on offer, those looking to move to the UK will no doubt want an overview of what to expect before they arrive.

Sorting a visa

When arriving in the United Kingdom, you’re allowed to stay up to 6 months without a UK visa. This applies to both citizens who are in the EU and those that are not. Once you pass this period you will need to start looking at your options for acquiring a visa. If you’re unsure of how to go about acquiring a visa, you can discuss the matter with any immigration lawyers London based, or wherever you choose to base yourself.

Deciding Where To Live

There are popular cities all over the UK where you can choose to base yourself. Whether it’s the busy city lifestyle or the calmer suburb environment that you prefer, there’s something for everyone. For many expats, the more popular destinations are London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham which each have their own pros and cons. London, in particular, is extremely popular because of the diverse population that has developed over time and the high wages that the city offers.

Finding The Right Job

The UK provides opportunities in basically any sector. As it’s such a developed country that maintains continuous investment, vacancy opportunities continue to rise ranging from financial and political roles to creative and maintenance industries. There are UK based internet websites that are designed specifically to find people based in the UK a job opportunity and if you prefer, recruitment agencies are always welcome to offer their services too. You can provide your preference of what you’re looking for in a job and they’ll do the legwork for you.

Where To Live

You have the option to rent or buy in the UK, depending on the budget you have and your personal preference. You’d have to think about your budget for a deposit, your weekly wage and the area you wish to live in. There will be expensive areas to live and more affordable properties which will be based in more populated regions. For example, London offers high wages but the cost of living balances this out as much of the property and renting costs can be relatively high. Once you have a budget and have decided whereabouts you plan to live in the UK, you can use several estate agent services to choose your chosen property.

As you would with any country, there are several aspects to consider before you commit to moving. The UK is a great place to make new friends and find the best opportunity for you. Just be sure to plan ahead so the majority of things to do are in place. Once you do that, your possibilities are endless and before your time to apply for British citizenship will be right around the corner.