Three American States Agree on Marijuana for Recreational

Three American States Agree on Marijuana for Recreational

The 2016 US General Election was not only held to elect the country’s new leader. Voting was also conducted to measure support for several issues, one of which was the use of marijuana or cannabis. As a result, the majority of the people of California, Nevada, and Massachusetts support the use of marijuana for pleasure. You can get the best recreational marijuana from Namaste.

In addition to these three states, there are also North Dakota, Florida, Arkansas, and Montana that support the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Its use is specifically for several types of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, and hepatitis c. Previously, 20 years ago, California had legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes as quoted by the Guardian.

For the use of marijuana with recreational purposes in California, the proposal is contained in Proposition 64 which has been approved by the community. If you want the good quality marijuana, you should visit

“We are very happy that Californians agree to end rules that fail about the ban on marijuana,” said Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

“Proposition 64 will enable California to become a viable place as a center for marijuana innovation, research, and development,” Bradley continued.

Proposition 64 will make the 21-year-old or more Californians able to move, buy, and consume marijuana for recreational purposes. The maximum quantity allowed for that is one ounce of marijuana. People will also be allowed to plant a maximum of six cannabis plants.

In addition, retail sales of marijuana will also be made possible with a tax of 15 percent. Even so, only sellers who have obtained licenses from state governments can trade these plants. The California government will only start issuing licenses on January 21 next year.

With the approval of these rules, according to Lynne Lyman of the Drug Policy Alliance, it became the gold standard that other states could emulate to legalize marijuana.

“This new rule focuses on breaking down the most terrible dangers of banning marijuana, which affects the colored community,” Lyman said. This rule also protects minors by closing their access to marijuana.

Even so, there is also a disappointed response from those who reject this rule. “We are, of course, disappointed that a materialistic interest behind this marijuana business plan has an impact on the health, safety, and well-being of our society,” said Ken Corney, president of the California Police Chiefs Association.

“We will see all the weaknesses in Proposition 64 which will have a negative impact on people’s health and safety … and begin to develop legislative solutions,” Corney continued.